28 Dec 2011
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Welcome to jonjustin.com


Bit about me: I am a 42 year old, dad with 2 wonderful munchkins.

What do I do?: I have held many roles from cocktail barman to TaeKwonDo instructor as a lad, however for the last 15 or so years I have been striving hard to become a highly experienced and respected Implementation Manager within the Banking/Financial/Insurance/Energy Industry (see my full CV for more detail)

Location: I live in Kent in a beautiful village and am currently consulting at BP International in Canada Square as an Implementation Manager, where I have managed technical implementations for about 10 years.

Billys wedding

05 Jun 2015
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So the journey begins


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The final day saw me up at 6am to get the final bits sorted for the journey home. all was sorted ready in time for the lady to check that all was in order to give back the deposit before we left. All good and off we started. the journey home was hopefully going to be a straight run of 12.5hours so did longer last year so know what its like, lots of stops and take it easy.

the route back wasnt under the alps but over them. and OMG the sights were breathtaking... insert pics.

day 13 (evening)

12 Aug 2013
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The thursday morning is here, time for the last night in the caravan. Need to get the caravan cleaned and ready to handover at 8am tomorrow morning so that we can get the deposit back and start on our journey home... Just those words took the wind out of our sails. The last few days have seen the glass is half empty compared to the week before where there was more days of holiday than left. Oh well all good things have to come to an end. Rose fairy early and started tidying up around the kids, then woke them and got them to help.

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The final few days were spent in totally relaxation... really struggled to take any pictures or blog... the daily routine was early morning swim (well 10am) and then a walk along the beach to the local cafe for an espresso and reading the paper, back for this kids at 11 and then a stroll down to the beach and either a boat or a peddle-o somewhere. Evening topped off with a beautiful meal, great scenery and a slow walk back, mindful of the looming trip back home.

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Aircon struggled a little last night...w as to be expected tho as its was almost 40 yesterday. walked down to the recpetion and they explained that i was doing it wrong lol. so when i got back I reset the aircon and a strong blast of freezing air hit me and the kids... brrrrr!!!! should be fine tonight lol. kids are still in bed and have types up the last few days of our adventure, as the wireless has been playing up on the camp site. All new people have joined the site today so while see what the atmosphere is like this afternoon.

day 8 - the big move

04 Aug 2013
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I get up early and pack around the kids, leaving the final tidy up for when they rise. we are all done by 10am and hand the keys into the recption and explain that we will be back about lunch time to move across to the caravan, we leave our luggage and food in the fridge and say farewell. we head off to find another port to spend the morning at and find a very pictureque one close by... as always there is never anywhere to park, so I drive into a hotel carpark (for residents only) and book a table for lunch. this always seems to do the trick.

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We rise early, and can feel the heat rising already. tonight will be the last night in the hut as we will be moving to a big caravan tomorrow. bit of a quiet day enjoying the beach and the local sights. the evening finished with walking along the beach to the next port. wow how did we miss this!!!! the beaches were so much nicer and less crowded, with a multitide of cafes from old classics to trendy wendys, as we passed the cafes the port came into sight, wow there were some very cool boats, we wandered around picking out which we wanted to own, there was a lot of choice.

day 6 - fishing

01 Aug 2013
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A late starto the day this morning. Lots of movement on the site this morning. looks like it will be another hot one. so just having a bite for breakie and then will walk along the coast to the next port. Im assuming there will be a tackle shop there. if not will drive out later to find one. Speak with the guys at reception and it works out that there isnt one close, so we have to travel to the next town in Salo. We leave Bell snoozing and head off out. Penny (the satnav) has been playing up in italy, having directed us into the sea, someones back yard and missed numerous turnings.