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Sea fishing

07 Feb 2011
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Have turned my hand to pier fishing over the weekend and certainly looks like I've upped my game ;¬)

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Caught loads of Dabs, Whiting and Rocking.

Friday - 14 fish (very windy and raining)
Saturday - 31 fish (less windy and Sunny)
Sunday - 19 fish (calm and overcast)

Click on the picture to see the fish bigger (not much though).


The Hunt for Gollum

07 Jan 2011
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Following the superb Batman:Arkham Asylum game last year, Rocksteady and working on Batman:Arkham City. checkout the Unbelievably photo-realistic realistic Trailer

Before and After Tash

07 Jan 2011
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26 Nov 2010
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Great News!!! I'm very please to announce that we have raised

£345!!!!! :¬(D

I have been bribed with charity to keep the moustache for the remainder of 2010, so you can continue you're ribbing ;¬), however the JustGiving link will continue to take contributions for Movember until the 30th November deadline, so if you've yet to give, please do.

Every penny that we raise will go to help and ease the suffering of those with Prostate cancer.

I am humbled by you support, thank you all very very much on behalf of The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Giving for Movember

04 Nov 2010
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All in the spirit of Charity, I will be celebrating Movember.

For the month of November I will be growing a moustache to aid the 'Prostate Cancer Charity' and would appreciate your support.

BTW my moustache is Ginger therefore I'll assume you'll appreciate my dedication to this cause that much more ;¬)...

Dig Deep Guys Please



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08 Oct 2010
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Have been studying for my PMP PMI course this week and have been searching around for some useful assets.

4 points to remember

1. You have to pay for the course and exam/subscription separately
2. the Application form takes several days to complete as you need to provide real world estimates of how long you have spent on project tasks
3. Book the exam asap for after the course, else you'll start forgetting the answers.
4. Once qualified you'll need to continue your development to stay PMP PMI

Found a good online sample exam -