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So, have completed the first 12 weeks and lost around 5 stone :¬), over the last month or so I have been introducing meals... have been a little naughty with not keeping to the types of food I was supposed to as have had holidays and various parties, night outs. Got down to about 97 Kilos and have been fluttering around that for a while. Had a go live at work this week and put on a few pounds on nibbling rubbish food, was about 99 kgs this morning, so will blast a month of 4 shakes no food to see if I can reach the target of 91 kgs before Xmas.

la Rochelle

06 Aug 2012
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Day 1 ... Day 1 - longer than expected jour ey, lots of traffic too. Will blog more tomorrow. Day 2- raining this morning, letting the kids lay in, we travelled into town last night a few drinking and some food. Moules weren't as nice at frontigan but hey they were still better than sainsburys . Need to pop to the super market today to get some provisions. Back later :-) sun came out lazing by the the pool 30 degrees wow it's lovely. Jean Luc smiling at us as he makes the money. Kids in the pool, a few beers on the table, listening to a live band all good with the world. No clouds on the sky just chilling now. Ignoring the kids arguing lol. Off for some moules soon about 6 pm now . Day 3 . Woke to the sounds of the wind in the trees. Very quiet this morning. Loads of pinecones around, sounds quite load when they hit the caravan roof. Letting the kids lay in this morning. Cloudy this morning but weather will pick up later. Need to get some Zovirax as have a cold sore this morning so will pop into town. Kite flying yesterday was brill and finally worked out how the tablet works so will watch a movie on it tonight .... Lunch time sitting watching the world go by in the town centre,  kids browsing the toot shops, dad with his feet up listening to the bells chiming. Strolled up to the ice cream palour, they had a zillion flavours, so the kids were in a frenzy lol. The rest of the afternoon was kids on the beach . Woke early again, walked along the Beach 

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1. Do the Thing You Fear the Most.
If there’s one thing that will change your thoughts quicker than anything else, it’s facing your fears.
2. Stand up For Yourself
A lot of people have difficulty in standing up for themselves. The first time you do it can be very empowering and your thoughts about yourself will change forever.
3. Stop Talking
It’s great to be silent for just a little while. Our thoughts turn inward and we begin to appreciate ourselves just a little more.
4. Strengthen Your Strengths

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Makey makey :¬)

29 May 2012
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3.5 Weeks on CD

28 May 2012
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lost my way a little over the weekend, however had a good week last week so was shedding about a lb a day. Weigh in on Wednesday this week, so will get some more supplies. Still enjoying it, so something is going alright.

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into my 3rd week on the Cambridge Diet (CD) and have got rid of the soups and porridge. Tried out the bars and they taste alright so will get some more at the weigh in next week. Shakes are a bit boring so will get the packet mix ones as there are more flavours. drinking so much water is tough but the weight is coming off, lost almost 2 stone now, so looks like its working...Yey :¬). Doing the 10,000 steps a day challenge at work too, so that should help, more updates soon