26 Feb 2011
Posted by admin

Tried out a few marks under the kingsferry bridge today.... hmmmm

Saw a post that explained that it should be a place to try out.

well got there at low tide to scope out the features, started off at the jetty and could see that the legs of the bridge looked fairly attractive, the rest of the area was just flat mud (weights were sinking about 4-6 inches on impact).

Tried various baits blueys, squid and lug, ledgering around the legs but just seemed to be attracting crabs. saw a few small boats anchoring in the middle of the river about 300m off to my left to walked up the bank where they were and cast in... hour later and several squid and blueys gone and all to show was more crabs I strolled back to the jetty. Played with the crabs for another hour or so and continued to lose my end rigs ) 30lb filoment so we switch to attaching the weights directed to the main line (60lb braid) and began to be able to get the weights back, although the telescopic rods were struggling. Due to the heavy rain and lack of action and my Son being covered in mud, it was about time to pack up....

my sons rod shot off along the jetty heading pulling my portable stool with it was resting on with it. Caught hold of the stool and snagged the rod. the line shot off to the left and then double backed to the legs of the bridge. dont think this was a crab :). finally untangled the stool from the rod and dropped it on the jetty and started reeling in.... PING! wat ever it was raced behind the bridge legs and the line snapped :( Great ending to a naff day.. oh well will give it go another day