Finally got the iphone

21 Oct 2009
Posted by admin

Finally got the iphone and I must say it is way better than I had expected wow. I've read loads of post about it ie the pros and cons, but trust me when I say wow.

The user experience for email, txt'ing, calendar, surfin, music, apps, video to name a few are way way ahead of anything that Nokia/Sony/LG are pumping out.

The only gripes I have so far is the way that apple have locked customers into using the itunes apps store, that the browser doesnt support java yet and that it doesnt have a video recorder built in, but other than that I am impressed.

I am looking forward to seeing the other market players step up, however I doubt that they will get close for some time, as apple havent just created a phone, this is a feckin tricorder from Star Trek, that can make phone calls.

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