easter hols - day 3

03 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Stil cant get used to the french keyboard...

Well today we travelled down to the beach to check out the surf and wasnt disappointed. beutiful and blue, no one about, again! Spent a few hours there and then decided to pop back to Sete for some lunch along the beach where we have been staying. Gotta say that the food was fantastique!!! left and strolled around the town a bit then back to the hotel for a swim. Cons wanted to try out the beach before we packed up our stuff to travel over to Marsielle and I wanted to checkout the campsites once lore before moving on. Yey the camp site was open still noone about tho. spoke to the reception and they explained the everyone turns up tomorrow. so booked è days straight away. caravan right on the beach. bliss, travelled back to ibis and grabbed a pizza and a bottle of red before bed. gotta pack tomorrow early so we can move our stuff into the caravan. ttfn

franch day 3