Easter hols - day 6

05 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Bonjour peeps, clearer today hopefully some sun this afternoon, day on the beach chilling , no driving involved. No storms last night but sheets still driving me nuts, so ended up on the sofa. Actually it's way more comfortable.

Was chatting to penny, she was showing me our journey and teaching me French . Got bored of that after a while so carried on reading 'I am legend'. 10 mins later I had locked all the windows, not that I was scared or anything like that. It was to keep out the vamp... I mean mossies. Anyway just had breakie and sorting the fishing gear for the beech. Sitting on the rocks fishing, looking out at the med listening to Barry Manilow lol, had a few bites on the chorizo bait, huge crabs devour everything so using a float about 3 feet off the bottom, kids playing with Paul the German neighbour. Connor found a few fossils and Ella's flip flops yey. Beer by my side, wondering is I should use a smaller hook and what I'll do if I catch a fish I don't know... Careful of the spines, anyway back to Barry. As night follows day a lone angler attracts other anglers, 2 Dutch guys on the camp site traversed the rocks for a chat and talk about tips. Chorizo and bacon seem to be pulling a blank, they suggested cheese, real vintage strong cheese, so will give that a go later and maybe a lighter float. Suns out yey, temperate rising quick now, had a few bits too :-), caught a bug ugly fish to small to cook, therefore he's bait, kids off playing in pool. Clear blue skies and 26 degrees now although it feels warmer, we have more neighbours, all German and Dutch. Pools open today so strolled over with cons while Ella played on the beech with Paul. Insert pics. I tried to get in first omg!!! Feet in ooooo knees in ooooo... Ready steady go! Aghhhh it's cold, a few moments later after the shock had worn off it wasn't too bad