Easter Hols - day 8

07 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Hoping for sunny day this morning and oh yet baby gonna be a scorcher :-) outta bed at 6 will wake the kids about 8 walked down to the beach wow what a view deep blue sea sweet sky blue. Strolled back to the van listening to the wave concerto.

Time to tidy up and get breackfast ready. Sausages eggs and bagette. Kids wake to the smell, but have to tidy before the can enjoy. Some slight moans but not enough to stop them, funny that ! Swept up sweet penny in my hands, where we going to today baby... Le parc adventuer. Sweet packed up the wagon... Fumbled a little with penny as the address was obscure. Flicked on Mariah, think penny is a little jealous as she took us to the middle of a village. So I apologies and turned Mariah off and she took us straight there :-) girls huh! Drove the car up a private road and ended up on a ranch with locals giving us evils.... I just shouted anglaise Ann's they understood. So we about turned and found the right path and soon was at the parc. Looks like a go ape where u climb thro trees with death slides. But was way more. Health and safety a lot laxer here sheesh. The baby runs we're scarey enough, did a few of those, then bell wanted something a bit more challenging and omg she picked a red route. She panicked a few times but papa helped here through ( quietly petrified). Insert pics. Cons said sod that dad do helped him down and then tried to keep up with bella. The 80 foot cliff face pushed her past her comfort zone, her little hands shaking so papa calmed her and she was fine. Cons leaned over the top of the cliff face and said Oi, how the hell did he get up there so fast . Oh that fouls be the steps to the top lol. Wiping the swet from my brow, and looking at the time, nearly 1 I said ok guy one more little one pops is going for a coke. 15 mins laters cons is back with a smile in his face. Where's bell? Oh she's doing a black route ( psyco level) with the instructor !!!!. 15 mins later bell turns up shaking. The instructor had thought she could do own her own and had climbed down yo help less able peeps. Bella was scared witless but made it all on her own, wow wat a trooper!!! When the guy walked by smiling, oblivious, I had to hold her back from jumping on him and giving him a thump ( dats my gurl).  A coke light smoothed her nerves and fhe calmed down . Time for the wagon and a leisurely drive back. Penny took us straight back which was 30 mins quicker, cheeky minx. Played maxwell for her and she was sweet again.  Wow it's hot!!! 27. Air con full on we jig to maxwell, pomme frite and moules here we come! Pull up outside the cafe smelling the food yum! Lovely cafe nice bottle of those with the eat all u can mussels. Thru bring a bucket oh yer, my size portion! Food is great as always, sun shining, kids have huge dessert and I practice my french.right back to the pool to chill, music playing moves like jagger! Oh yer !!! Dancing around the pool kids looking embaressed but only til I start singing and then they join in! French think were nuts , maybe we are but hey it's hot and were enjoying our selves :p strolled back to the van after a few games of pool. Gets cold here quick at night so we snuggled up with our books. Discussed what we will do tomorrow and agreed that we'd get up early and go get some Easter eggs from the carafour and some cleaning products as we need to give the van a thorough clean before we ha d the keys back on tuesday. Linguine for dinner then I nod off, waking at 2 am to the sound of waves gently lapping the beach. Puts me back to sleep in no time :-)