Easter hols - day 12

11 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Last real day for relaxing, and it's beautiful outside. Got up early this morning to pop out for some fresh warm bread, milk and smokes. Sun was just coming up over the horizon, stunning. Back at the van now and can feel the warmth even at 7am. Will spend the day on the beach today building sand castles . Did a Pre emptive cleanup this morning, to a chorus of moaning. Then strolled over to the beach to build an castle of doom.

My bit was obviously the best ( the sacrificial shrine).  We named the kingdom Joconla.  And basked in our brilliance as we strolled over to grab some lunch from our fav cafe. Bell has moules again, cons adventurously had chicken nuggets and I went for the cuttle fish with garlic and lemon. The kids are tried it and really liked it :-)once lunch was done we strolled back to the van, deciding to check out the pool and the glacial water.  Skies now over cast but nice and warn so snoozing in the sun with the iPhone playing so sweet tunes. Cons is off feeding an ant colony with sugar cubes and moving then into the sand castle we built earlier , they are huge, hope u doesn't get nipped. We returns with a gruesome story of a catapillar being devoured by the raging hoard. It's now that middle time where it's a bit too hot to sit in the sun so we skulk back to the van for some refreshments and drawing. We'll pop to the club house later as don't fancy driving again to day. Bit of a somber tone this afternoon as we know that tomorrow is pack up day :-(. Did bubbles on the beach and gave cons the reminder of the sugar cubes. He was build an Antopia on the beach to being all the ants in. He had build a sugar shrine (insert video) where all the ants from the beach would talk about but none would believe as it couldn't possible exist lol. (insert comic strip). The rest of the evening as a quiet one playing a few games of pool, cons drawing and bell asking for more money. Grabbed a few pizzas on the way back to the van. Early night, gonna watch a movie on the iPhone. Bon nuit.