Easter hols - day 13

12 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

Washing day ... Humph ... Oh well it's gotta be done, will make a game of it with the kids. Prizes for Cleanest room, tidiest packing, best sweeper and best wiper, funnily enough both the monkies will get equal prizes ;-) but the don't know that yet. Right time for a coffee then a stroll before the kids get up. I said they could have a big lay in today, so expecting cons up at 8 and Ella at 10. I'll start the clothes washing at 11 and hopefully all done by 2 then we can chill for the rest of the day.

Kids were up early, caravan now clean, car packed, bills paid, left most of the canned for the next campers. Just eggs and sausages left for twilight breakfast tomorrow. Just cracked the keg of beer, kids on the beach enhancing ant-opia. Will pop to our fav cafe for lunch, escartoes today to see wat the French rave about. Just sounds like whelks and garlic bottle but hey. Cleaning didn't take that long in the end, car is all packed up except for a few essentials. Went to our cafe lunch time but no whelks so had steak. Was lovely and garlicky. Strolled back to the van for a nap as it was very hot out. 4 pm right everything is sorted for tomorrow so I take the monkeys for some ice cream in the fancy pants town just along the coast. Popped into a fancy cafe full of shesz lounges ( inset pictures) waitress asked if Ella wanted a blanket and she laughed saying no ill miss my tan lol. Back at the site now for a few steins the a pizza before bed. Kids are drawing do I'm relaxing my the pool, can't wait for a real bed to sleep in!!!. Kids already scheming there next trip here and where they want to stay. So nice this time of year, no tourists, quiet beaches. Although it must be buzzing in the summer season. Now that I know the area well fly down and hire a car. Talking about cars the wagon has been great, really allowed us to go places a normal car couldn't (ie drove along the beach, went off road no troubles) . I ll have to hire a 4x4 to go to the places we have been. If Spain is out in the summer well probably come here again. Although in not sure it will feel like an adventure next time. Anyway my beers getting warm. Bon nuit.