Easter Hols - Summary

16 Apr 2012
Posted by admin


Me and the kids fancied camping somewhere warm this Easter so we decided on the south of France. Not being there before we decided to drive down and pack the tent. Main target was Mont Pellier as I'd heard that was pretty nice and had good camping facilities. The blog entries below cover our adventure day by day, with pictures and vids interspersed. Apologies for typo's and bad grammar, as it was written on an Iphone 4, usually with a glass of Vino in my other hand ;¬)

Day 1 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/186 - leaving home, the Chunnel, ibis in Amiens
Day 2 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/187 - Long drive to Mont Pellier and then no campsites open
Day 3 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/188 - Finally find a campsite
Day 4 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/189 - First night in the Caravan, huge storm
Day 5 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/190 - zx81 printer toilet paper, Per-Pig-Nan, French drivers, Pig in my trolley.
Day 6 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/191 - Fishing off the beach, the glacial cold pool
Day 7 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/192 - Disney stylie complex, Aquarium, stumbling around the rocks like a drunken uncle at a wedding
Day 8 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/193 - Death slides and no HSSE
Day 9 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/195 - Disney or not?, Egg hunt, Sun Burn
Day 10 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/196 - Booked fishing trip, Moules and Frites
Day 11 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/197 - Fishing failure, Barry White
Day 12 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/198 - Last relaxing day, Sand castles (Jacona), Ant-opia
Day 13 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/199 - Ant-opia cont..., cleaning day, ice creams from heaven, trendy bar
Day 14 http://www.jonjustin.com/Jon/node/200 - Marathon Drive home (mostly pics journey)