Cambridge Diet Journey, after the initial 12 weeks and 4 shakes a day

03 Sep 2012
Posted by admin

So, have completed the first 12 weeks and lost around 5 stone :¬), over the last month or so I have been introducing meals... have been a little naughty with not keeping to the types of food I was supposed to as have had holidays and various parties, night outs. Got down to about 97 Kilos and have been fluttering around that for a while. Had a go live at work this week and put on a few pounds on nibbling rubbish food, was about 99 kgs this morning, so will blast a month of 4 shakes no food to see if I can reach the target of 91 kgs before Xmas. from experience the first 2 weeks will see about 5-6 Kgs drop off and then the final will 2-3 kgs will take ages.

Was speaking with my dad over the weekend (at my baby girls 13th birthday party) and he talked about wheat germ and oat bran with grape juice for breakfast. When I start back on food I will give that a go as the start of the day. I've found it difficult through the summer holidays to keep to the diet, but the routine of the kids back at school should help to resolve that.

More updates over the next few weeks.