Summer adventure 2013 - a few days minus

17 Jul 2013
Posted by admin

just plugged in the mac keyboard into the galaxy note 2 and seems to be working fine. will be using this to blog our adventure. the kids will be taking there nexus 7's so should be getting some good pics and commentary. ferry, insurance and stuff booked. car getting serviced today, just to make sure we're ready for the long drive. will rely on sweet penny to track the way and will see if i can download the journey from her memory banks. other than that it will be free wheeling all the way. dont intend to book anywhere yet. will probably stay in an accor/ibis on day one and then next day drive down thro Turin/Milan passed Venice and stay in a hotel near where we want to stay and spend the rest of the next day checking out caravans on the beach (defo aircon this time). the the rest of the holiday will involve chilling. the last few days will be the long journey back close to the tunnel and if we time it right a short kip in the car and thro the tunnel at 5.20am and a long sleep at home. got a feeling i might need to book the monday off as annual leave, but will do that this week. kids are so excited. this weekend will be the final prep to get everything ready. cant wait! ttfn