day 2 - waking up in Lyon

29 Jul 2013
Posted by admin

Woke in Lyon this morning dry eyed and restless. Wasnt the best sleep, kids snoring all in one room, air con on full blast last night. strolled to the window and the sun is just coming up and its 24 degrees. birds singing so thats a good omen. Look at my phone and its 5am, ah its 6am here. time to get up and finish the journey down into Italy. will let the kids lay in for a n hour and then sort the bags and then grab some breakie before getting on our way. slip my flip flops on and head down for a coffee and sit outside. the canteen is bussling with activity. Seems that the hotel was full of old couples and athleets on a conference. I walk outside coffee in hand and sit in the garden. its feeling warm already and the sun is peaking through the tower blocks. i turn on the satnav and key in the next step of the journey, venice. I notice a place that one of the guys from work had spoken about. Lake Garde. may be worth checking that out on the way as its on the E70 motorway. Right time to get the kids up and have some breakie. Cons is already wake when i reach the room, Bell is dead to the world as usual. So we pack the bags and then take the bags back to the car before going for breakfast. breakfast is the usual breads and pastries, so the kids fill up on cakes. After the ordeal of trying to get out of the car park, we set off towards venice. he roads are pretty clear so it takes no time to the Alps. OMG wow hard to put into words how stunning they are, the majesty of the mountains is astounding, let alone the huge tunnels we travel through (I'll leave that to the pics I'll post on here when i find a wifi spot). Keep seeing a sign counting down the miles to a large tunnel. anyway we finally reach it and the tool is 40 euros. thats a bit steep i think, anyway the guys explains thats its 12 kilometers long, so assume there is no other way around and carry on with the its a lon tunnel!. we exit the tunnel and carry on through the alps for some time until we start seeing the road signs in french and italian. we must be reaching the boarder. anyway after some time the road signs just switched on italian as the alps diminished into the border... oh wellwe got onto the E70 motorway and within burr we past TOrino and Milan both of which just looked like industrial towns and then we entered a part of italy that looked like what id thought it would look like. old italy, beautiful rolling hills, small villas, olive groves, orange trees. it looked stunning. had to stop as the second tank was almost spent. not bad only 2 tanks to make it to our destination. saw signs to lake Garde so punched it into the satnav and detoured towards the signs. We reached as we entered the lake garde region there were carvans and trailers being toed everywhere. we caught the first glimpses of the lake (which looked the size of a sea). wow its looked stunning, we stopped at a few camp sites and they werent hiring caravans, so carried on until we found a 4 star site which one of the previous sites had suggested. Bingo we got a place :). We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing by and in the lake surrounded by dutch and german families. think we might stay here a while :)