day 1 - the journey begins

29 Jul 2013
Posted by admin

Day 1 So we are on the start of our journety. 5.32 on the channel tunnel. Listening to the french announcements. And we're had stopped!. So before we had left we had checked on google maps how long it would take to Lyon from home and google said 2pm in the afternoon london time. as we drove closer and closer to lyon the clock was ticking!!! We had to stop briefly for a petrol and a pee stop just outside lyon. Car had made it 521 miles on one tank 40 miles short of Lyon. So as we pulled into Lyon the clock ticked onto 2pm .wow that was accurate|!!!. Right so we had a drive around lyon and asked Penny to find us a hotel. She found us an ibis, so we headed there. as we drove through the city it looked like somethng out of Day Z. Post apocoliptic!!roads were up everywhere and the roads were al over the place. City looks as if it had been cobbled together other a 1000 years. Not sure how anyone coud find anything, even the cabbies were lost when we finally got one away from his beer!. Anyway in the end we checked in and strolled down to the towncentre. All the shopa were closed for late lunch so nothing was opened as we walked past a multitube of kebab houses. Found the centre as we entered the lively part of the town and there was a group of students with a brass band playing pop tunes, was very cool. I got the kids a drink and an icecream as a thanks for walking a few miles. The grumply accepted lol. I spied a fountain and strolled over and dipped my fit it!..Ah sod it I waded out and it was lovely. Kids wanted to head back so i jumped in a cab and the cabbie took the tour of the town well away from out hotel so in the end I called a halt to it and got out and said bon journey. We stroled badck to the hotel and had a lovely steak dinner and headed up for bed . Planning the next day of what we would do and when.. Tired now so back in the room with a wet towel tp cool me down. Dont think I've relaxed yet and till feeling on eadge with the kids. Hoping to unwild when i get to the beech. Out. X