Day 3 - the storm

30 Jul 2013
Posted by admin

Day 3- We wake to the bird song and the humming aircon. Curtains are drawn so can tell what is happening out there in Garde. I hear snoring from one of the rooms, so sounds like the kids are asleep. I look around for the keys to unlock the front doors. As they open the view is breathtaking, we are overlooking the lake. The sky is slightly over cast but the breeze is warm. All is quiet outside except for the bird song. No one is moving around, due to late nights here. Families carry on socialising into the early hours. Children running around at midnight seems to be the norm. Right time for a coffee and a morning stroll down to the beach. Its about 7am so no chance of a coffee at this time... mental note buy some coffee lol. The beach is empty the mored boats sway to and fro on the gentle waves. There is no tide on the vast lake, but the passing boats and breeze must be creating the waves. A haze is coming down so looks like it might be over cast today. I stroll lazily back to the hut where we are staying still not hearing a soul stir. Back at the hut the kids are still asleep. Time for a book and writing up my blog. Kids wake a hours later and we jump in the car and head to town for some shopping . Penny got us lost  as she didnt save the campsite address , so took a while to find our way back. Hweve after some time we found it and all good. Shopping done and prepared some breakfast. Slightly damp out there at the moment . Although the rain is warm so rellas off to the beach and im taking connor fishing. Got the rods out and strolled down to the beach for catch a whopper!!!. Anyway after an hour or so setting up the rods and setting them up. While we watched some huge fish (well tiddlers really) we resorted to nets and caught loads of well i wont say fish, lets say fry lol. Just as we were putting the rods away we watched a huge fish about a foot long at least meander by. oh well time for a spot of dinner. just as we get to the club house the skies darken and uge storm rolls in. the staff in the club house rush out and clear the tables and start batterning down the table umbrellas and start rolling down the blinds on the cafe. just in time it seemed for a huge storm of biblical proportions. wow this is cool, thunder and lightening all across the lake as a huge dark storm unleases on the holiday makers. glad we're not in a tent. the rain is so heave but warm as i walk out into it. looks like the wole of the lake is engolfed in it. after 10minutes you could hardly have told they there had been a storm, the skys are clearing and its back to normal, holiday makers wandering wondering down to the club house for their evening meal of pasta, bread and wine. we stay for an hour or so, eat up and head back for the hut for a seista. a coffee and a few brandys later im snoozing on the patio watching the sun going down. day 3 done :)