day 7 - checking out the boats

04 Aug 2013
Posted by admin

We rise early, and can feel the heat rising already. tonight will be the last night in the hut as we will be moving to a big caravan tomorrow. bit of a quiet day enjoying the beach and the local sights. the evening finished with walking along the beach to the next port. wow how did we miss this!!!! the beaches were so much nicer and less crowded, with a multitide of cafes from old classics to trendy wendys, as we passed the cafes the port came into sight, wow there were some very cool boats, we wandered around picking out which we wanted to own, there was a lot of choice. we ended the evening eating in a local German cafe ( there are a lot of germans here). we had planned to go fishing tomorrow, however, we have to move to the new caravan so that will take some time (cleaning ours, and those leaving, moving out). we so a semi tidy up and settle down for the night.