day 9 - nothing planned

04 Aug 2013
Posted by admin

Aircon struggled a little last night...w as to be expected tho as its was almost 40 yesterday. walked down to the recpetion and they explained that i was doing it wrong lol. so when i got back I reset the aircon and a strong blast of freezing air hit me and the kids... brrrrr!!!! should be fine tonight lol. kids are still in bed and have types up the last few days of our adventure, as the wireless has been playing up on the camp site. All new people have joined the site today so while see what the atmosphere is like this afternoon. we spoke about going to garda land early in the holiday, however not so sure i want to spend a day standing in queues in 40 degrees so we agreed that we should try something else. confirmed our stay until Friday morning, where we need to travel back. going to do it in one stop, so will leave the site at about 10am (might see if we can do 8am) and see how far we get on an 8 hour drive and book into the local ibis. the final stint should only be about 6 hours depending on traffic, so will we should be in calais in the evening (we have a return ticket for 7am on Sunday, however on our last adventure to La roche, we arrived a day early at the eurotunnel and they allowed us to go through no extra charge, if it doesnt let us then we can eitehr stay somewhere for the night or I'll just pay the extra). anyway back to today. just having an expresso and will then drag the kids out of bed...,. ciao. The rest of the day involved swimming, snorkling, fresh wonderful food and snoozing in the Sun. the evening was topped off by an amazing fireworks display and a few brandys ;¬)