day 13 (evening)

12 Aug 2013
Posted by admin

The thursday morning is here, time for the last night in the caravan. Need to get the caravan cleaned and ready to handover at 8am tomorrow morning so that we can get the deposit back and start on our journey home... Just those words took the wind out of our sails. The last few days have seen the glass is half empty compared to the week before where there was more days of holiday than left. Oh well all good things have to come to an end. Rose fairy early and started tidying up around the kids, then woke them and got them to help. Caravan all tidy by 11, so we trailed off down the beach to enjoy as much as we could for the last day. beach was fairly empty as it was shift change at the site. so we spent a morning enjoying the water and beach. We got a peddle-o and breezed out of the port, where we took it in turns to steer and dive off into the warm water. Bell was aching a bit from he somersault off the pier the night before (didnt go to well...Big splash). We ate our last meals at the best restraunts we had been too for the last time and when it came time for the last Dinner, we all dove in the lake first to say fairwell. Night was early, so all quite with just a few tipples