Pauls Building Journal

21 Oct 2009
Posted by admin

My mate is building a house, check out his blog, it's got picture and everything


Welcome to my building diary. Over the next 20 weeks or so I will documenting each step of the build I am currently working on. I will try and update the diary once a week when I get pestered by my mates. So stay tuned!

Auction Jitters

My project actually started three weeks prior to auction, as during this time I had 7 other sites to look at, research and prepare budgets for. This alone took over my life and was highly stressful (as the previous 4 other auctions I attended ended up with me not even being able to bid, as the price went quickly past my limits) and the clock was ticking on my own personnel finances and the future of the company my wife and I decided to form.

On Auction day I went alone, I still was very nervous of bidding on a property, wining then finding that I could not get the finance arranged, meaning my 10% deposit would be lost.... this was Not an option for us. I remember asking the financial guy just before going into the hall “can you PLEASE just once confirm that I will get finance?” He again gave me that fluffy feeling and with some confidence said “No problem!” Fully armed with the knowledge that that at least this was possible I entered the auction hall and took my seat...

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