My voice will go with you

21 Oct 2009
Posted by admin

Had a bit of a Eureka Moment earlier this week...

After finishing my NLP practitioner course.. I have just started reading some hypnosis books and have come across this guy called Milton Erickson. Some of the tales within his book 'My voice will go with you' are absolutely obscure, however others are very intuitive... What I have noticed most is that the lessons seem to be sinking in, I am now using as techniques and have a sort of toolkit when I interact with peeps, its quiet odd, it as if a veil has been lifted...

Son: Dad I can't do that.
Dad: So you want to do that and having a little trouble when trying. OK son lets play a fun a game, which I know you'll enjoy, image.... make it bigger... bring it closer... now step inside... Now remember how it feels... wanna try again?

This is just textbook stuff that just reconstructing the way we verbalise and express ourselves to others, but funnily enough, the peeps around me are changing through these interaction.

So I think I might read and study a bit more ;¬)