Beer Barons rise from the ashes???

21 Oct 2009
Posted by admin

A couple of the dads in the local area used have a few beers and play battlefield 2 after, this dried up after a while, however with EA release some new games, the fire may have been rekindled


Welcome to the rebirth of the Beer Barons v2.0 Gaming website...

We're a pretty laid back group of middle aged dad's who enjoy a beer and a game of BF2, MOH, COD, while taking the piss out of each other, well mostly Jon really, who's the geek who created this website for us.

Well nuff said really.. have a look around and post a comment and if you feel at home, ping us a note and you can join the group, no fees, just be polite (although you're allowed to abuse snoweytoes).

Go to Beer Baron v2.0 site to read more